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OFFE 2008 Supporters are a tireless breed and calls on our Community Leaders to Stand Tall for our Veterans and commit to joining our
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CVO -Mandatory Funding of
VA Healthcare on
February 5th Ballot

Right From the Candidates Mouth - Video Links to the Candidates Stand on Veterans Healthcare
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Hillary Clinton OFFE Supporter OFFE 2008 Announces Willie Nelson Billboard Project -
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Andre Carson of Indiana
Signs OFFE 2008 Mandatory Funding -
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Senator Akaka Speaks Out Against PTSD Moritorium - Click Here

OFFE 2008


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Soldiers' Concussions
Linked to
Post-Traumatic Stress

Watch the video report as covered by WJZ-Baltimore Click-Here


Louise Slaughter and  Gene Simes display Willie Nelson and Charlie Daniels signature guitar.


New Mexico Resident Wins OFFE Veterans Day Signature Guitar Raffle

When Albuquerque New Mexico resident Danielle Silver bought a single $1 ticket for Operation Firing For Effect’s Veterans Day Signature Guitar Raffle, she thought her chances of winning were slim to none. However, when New York Congresswoman Louise Slaughter drew the winning ticket, it was indeed Mrs. Silver that won the beautiful red, white, and blue Trinity River guitar.
The guitar was donated to OFFE by The House of Guitars in Rochester, New York, and signed by country music legends Willie Nelson and Charlie Daniels. Both Nelson and Daniels are strong supporters of OFFE and full mandatory funding of veterans healthcare. Willie Nelson’s inscription reads; ‘Thank You For Serving, 2008’, and Charlie Daniel’s reads; ‘God Bless Our Veterans.’
The drawing took place during a Veterans Day luncheon sponsored by the Monroe County American Legion, which was held on November 11th at the Clarion Hotel in downtown Rochester New York.
One thousand raffle tickets were sold, and the proceeds will be used to absorb some of the expenses of next month’s planned OFFE trip to Washington, DC. The OFFE delegation is going to the nation’s capitol to lobby for full mandatory funding of veteran’s healthcare and services. Mrs. Sliver has been contacted and her winning ticket has been verified. Arrangements are now being made to ship the guitar to Mrs. Silver.

New York Congresswoman Louise Slaughter
draws winning raffle ticket

OFFE Announces the Chance of a Lifetime
Own A Piece of History the Willie Nelson and Charlie Daniels OFFE 2008 Autographed Guitar
Read about the new OFFE 2008 Raffle - Click Here
Click Here and Print the Ticket for Your chance to own these legends contribution to Our Nation's Heroes

Charlie Daniels Joins Fight for Mandatory Funding

On September the 11th members of Operation Firing For Effect met briefly with Charlie Daniels in Rochester, New York. Daniels was performing a concert at the National Guard Armory located at 900 East Main St., and he took time to visit with the OFFE team.
Charlie Daniels is the latest celebrity to add his support to OFFE’s efforts to acquire full mandatory funding for veterans healthcare. Daniels has agreed to record a public service announcement for OFFE promoting the full funding concept.

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Willie Nelson Video Tapes Public Service Announcements for Veterans’ Healthcare

During a recent concert appearance in Tama, Iowa, grassroots American Icon Willie Nelson took time out from his schedule to video tape several public service announcements (PSAs), which are being produced by Operation Firing For Effect (OFFE). The PSAs were written by OFFE Public Relations Director, [Name Omitted], and approved by Mr. Willie Nelson prior to production. The series of 15, 30, and 60 second Willie Nelson PSAs focus on the future of veteran’s healthcare, and ask the general public to take an active interest in the state of veterans’ affairs. Nelson, a U.S. Air Force veteran, is national spokesperson for OFFE as well as a strong supporter of full mandatory funding for veteran’s healthcare and services.

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OFFE / Willie Nelson Guitar Raffle Drawing moved to Memorial Day in Waterloo, NY


On Friday, Operation Firing For Effect, National Chairman, Gene Simes met with organizers of the upcoming Memorial Day activities in Waterloo, New York. During the meeting Willie Nelson Signs Guitar for OFFE Raffleand location scouting, Waterloo officials suggested that the Willie Nelson ‘Support Our Troops’ Signature Guitar Raffle Drawing previously scheduled for the main stage in Lafayette Park on Sunday, be moved to Memorial Day, Monday the 26th.  So, now the drawing will be held on Monday the 26th at VFW Post 6433, 29 E. Elisha St, at 3pm.

Check out the story on preparations for Memorial Day
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Waterloo New York Resident Wins Willie Nelson Signature Guitar

When Bob Smith bought two $10 raffle tickets for a guitar signed by country music legend Willie Nelson, he thought his chances of winning this one-of-a-kind piece of American musical history were slim to none.

The raffle was part of a fund raising project developed by Operation Firing For Effect in cooperation with Willie Nelson, and concluded with the drawing for the guitar on Monday, May 26th at VFW Post 6433 in Waterloo, New York. 

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Willie Nelson Invites Fellow Americans to Join Nationwide Movement

Willie Nelson OFFE Supporter

Well known country music legend Willie Nelson (U.S. Air Force veteran) is motivating grassroots America yet again. This time, Willie has his sights focused on helping his fellow veterans improve and protect their earned healthcare system, the Department of Veterans Affairs medical system (VA). Mr. Nelson is asking all of his fans to get involved in the current national movement for full mandatory funding of the VA, and encourage others to get onboard as well. According to Willie, right now is the perfect time for America to stand up for our troops.

Read How You Can Get Involved to Support Our Nations Heroes - Click Here


Willie Nelson's
Concert Broadcast
Live to Deployed Troops

Last Wednesday night Willie Nelson performed a concert for a sold out packed house at the Norva concert hall in Norfolk Virginia. The concert was simultaneouslyGene Simes and Willie Nelson broadcast live to military units in Iraq and Afghanistan by Stardust Radio via a special internet connection. The special broadcast was sponsored by Operation Firing For Effect and Stardust Radio and was approved by the Department of Defense and the Pentagon.
Mr. Gene Simes, National Chairman of Operation Firing For Effect was invited by Willie to join him on stage to start the concert and to explain the live overseas broadcast.


Read about the concert
and Gene's Interview
with Willie -
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of the Concert -
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Check out Willie's Signed Resolution
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Veterans advocate group drapes Arlington Ladies in gratitude

Operation Firing for Effect (OFFE), a veterans advocacy group from New York, spent this week in Washington D.C. One of their stops was Arlington National Cemetery, where they presented the Arlington Ladies scarves and a case containing an American flag.

The Arlington Ladies are a group of volunteers who attend every funeral at Arlington National Cemetery. They are divided into Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. They attend as a representative of the branch’s Chief of Staff.

Read about the ceremony - Click Here

Illinois Has Spoken State Wide Ballot Proves Americans
Want Our Hero's Guaranteed VA Healthcare

Chicago—Mandatory Full Funding for VA Healthcare for all veterans, that’s who! Over 1 million voters within 23 Counties in Illinois voted for the referendum that appeared on their ballots to produce an overwhelming victory!  The current unofficial totals show that 1,137,735, or 93.6 percent of voters said, “Yes, we want our government to properly fund healthcare for all veterans!”

The referendum tells the United States Congress that the voters of Illinois want and expect the U.S. to properly fund healthcare for all veterans—particularly ensuring benefits for those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. It is time to carry this powerful message to Congress and for our Congressional representatives to hear this powerful voice. The Coalition of Veterans Organizations (CVO) will ensure that all members of the Illinois Congressional Delegation and the members of both the Senate and House Veterans Affairs Committees know the voters of Illinois have spoken.

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Once Again Operation Firing For Effect, Fires a Direct Hit!
April 15, 2008  in Washington, at the Cannon House Building Our Supporters are sending a clear message to our U.S. Representatives, VIA Video on YouTube.
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Congressman Bob Filner, stands with our Nations Veterans, in stopping the land grabbing of VA Facilities through out this Nation.
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Congressman Bob Filner and OFFE Meet in DC

On Tuesday, April 15th, a delegation of approximately 40 civic leaders and veteran’s advocates from Operation Firing For Effect (OFFE) met face-to-face with Chairman of the Veterans Affairs Committee, California Congressman, Bob Filner. The meeting was held in room 334 of the Cannon House Building.
Once Congressman Bob Filner arrived, OFFE Public Relations Director, [Name Omitted] opened the OFFE presentation with a brief introduction of the room to the Congressman. Next, OFFE National Chairman, Gene Simes took the floor and briefly explained why we had come to DC, and to introduce a video statement filmed exclusively for OFFE by country music star, Willie Nelson (U.S. Air Force veteran). During the compelling 6 minute video titled; ‘911’, Willie Nelson states; “Now is the time for us as proud Americans to revaluate, improve, and protect the healthcare system that services our veterans. The time has come for America to stand up for our troops”. Willie Nelson is a proud supporter of full mandatory funding of veteran’s healthcare, and celebrity spokesperson for the OFFE group.

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New Mexico Endorses OFFE Resolution for Mandatory Funding of Vets Healthcare

 On Friday, September 14th, acting New Mexico Lt Governor, Diane Denish made a special visit to the booth of ‘Operation Firing For Effect’ at the 2007 New Mexico State Fair held in Albuquerque. Gov Bill Richardson

Lieutenant Governor Denish is Acting Governor for the entire state while New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson campaigns for the Presidency. The purpose of her visit to our booth was to publicly sign OFFE’s resolution and voice her support for the efforts of OFFE.

Shortly after Lt. Gov Denish signed her signature to the resolution Gov Bill Richardson did his part by providing OFFE with his signed copy of the OFFE 2008 Mandatory Funding Resolution as well.

This presidential candidate joined the thousands of men and women supporting our veterans and the heroes now serving in our armed forces by demanding full funding of the veterans healthcare system, and he brought the State Of New Mexico along with him.
Read the Press Release - Click Here
See the Resolution - Click Here

California Here We Come

Rusty steps up to the California State Government and succeeds with getting Mandatory Funding placed on the 2008 Presidential Ballot in California. Now let the voters decide if our Nations Heroes deserve the best our nation has to offer in VA Healthcare.

More Information-Click Here

You'll remeber that Rusty went face to face with Orange County., California - Rusty Rustan met with (CVA) Californa Veterans Association a division of Department of Veterans Affairs August 10, 2007 in City Council Chambers Laguna Hills CA,
More Info and Photos - Click Here

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Willie Nelson & Charlie Daniels Veterans Day Signature Guitar Raffle

Willie Nelson Video Tapes Public Service Announcements for Veterans’ Healthcare

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Willie Nelson Invites Fellow Americans to Join Nationwide Movement
OFFE / Willie Nelson Guitar Raffle Drawing moved to Memorial Day in Waterloo, NY
OFFE to Bring Message of Millions to DC In April
Willie Nelson Memorial Day Signature Guitar Raffle
Willie Nelson's Concert Broadcast Live to Deployed Troops
Dole VA Will Treat More PTSD Cases
Illinois Has Spoken State Wide Ballot

Willie Nelson Approves OFFE Billboard Project!

CVO -Mandatory Funding of VA healthcare on February 5th Ballot

Illinois Expecting Record Turnout of Military Families for February 5th Primary Election
VA Links Poor Care to 19 Deaths in Ill.
Senator Michael F. Nozzolio Rallies New York State Senate in Support of VA Full Funding Resolution!
Tampa Bay Times Follows Up On Vets Privacy and HIPAA
Constitutional Rights Null and Void for Veterans
Gun Control Lobby Bullies President Bush

Privacy complaint filed with VA

OFFE Launches Ballot Initiative in California
State Courts Declare Open-Season on Veterans’ Disability Compensation 
Sacramento taken by Storm California Ballot Initiative on the Docket  Rusty Rustan Named California Operations Director

New Mexico Department of Veterans Affairs Endorses OFFE Resolution

Illinois Lieutenant Governor Holds Press Conference

Americans Captured/Missing In Action

Brighton Township in WNY Endorses Mandatory VA Funding 
OFFE 2008 Receives Major Donation
Canandaigua Acute Psychiatry Unit Ready For Closure
Archived News
OFFE National Delegates from New Mexico
Visit Walter Reed Army Medical Center
NY Labor Union Endorses OFFE
Family fights  for improved care
VA clinic rated dismal

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