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Urgent Veteran's Medical Alert from Operation Firing For Effect
By: John Waltz
Special Assignment Writer
Firebase Network
February 6, 2007
Operation Firing For Effect continues the fight for mandatory funding for veteran’s health care with the production of a very controversial 23 minute audio CD.  The CD is titled; 'Veteran's Medical Alert' and is bound to get the attention of politicians in Washington D.C. In this professionally produced CD, due to be premiered on February 14th, 2007 in DC, OFFE warns veterans to not seek emergency medical attention from a Veteran Affairs hospital after hours. The production includes several incidences where veterans were denied emergency services and ending up dying prematurely. OFFE's Medical Alert is certain to raise a few eyebrows on the Hill in Washington.
Gene Simes and OFFE claim full funding of the DVA healthcare system is the answer to many of the problems facing DVA medical centers all over the country. “We are launching a major nationwide 2008 campaign to address this very important issue,” he said. Our objective is to get mandatory funding for veterans healthcare on the 2008 national election ballot in every state in the U.S.,” he added. “We are insisting that all candidates running for elected office in 2008 include issues of importance to our veterans in their platforms, and we are counting on our former military personnel and their families to help us accomplish this,” Simes concluded.
OFFE is drawing light to problems within VA healthcare system like no other organization has before. This CD is a message to the government that veteran’s healthcare system is broken and it is has to be fixed now. Our veterans are counting on the VA for healthcare and have received nothing but empty promises. If any presidential candidate wants the vote of a veteran in 2008, veteran’s healthcare needs to be the top priority.

For a preview of this controversial CD click on this link: Play this special medical alert directly on your computer, and if you would like to support this resolution drive, please visit WWW.OFFE2008.ORG and click on the resolution link on the left hand side of the page. Print the resolution out, sign it, and return to the address listed at the bottom of the document. The signed resolutions will be presented to all members of congress before the 2008 national elections. The success of this project is in your hands. Remember, if you do nothing, you can expect nothing to change. If we cannot afford to care for our veterans, can we really afford to deploy our troops around the world in the first place?

Operation Firing For Effect is a subsidiary of Veterans For Veteran Connection Inc., a registered 501-3C non-profit organization devoted to improving and protecting the services and entitlements earned by our men and women in uniform.
Johnny Waltz
Disabled Veteran, US Navy
Special Assignment Writer, Firebase Network/OFFE
Kentucky Director, Order of the Silver Rose



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