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American Icon Willie Nelson
Supports Full Mandatory Funding
For Vets Healthcare

During a recent Willie Nelson Concert in Finger Lake, New York, Operation Firing For Effect’s National Chairman, Gene Simes managed to get a personal package delivered to Willie Nelson after the concert. The package contained OFFE’s resolution for full mandatory funding of veteran’s healthcare, and OFFE T-shirt that says; ‘Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You, Ask What Is Your Country Not Doing For Your Veterans?’ 


On Monday of this week, Gene received the following message on his voice mail; “Gene, this is Willie, call me.”


Gene made that call, and discovered Mr. Willie Nelson was very interested in the full mandatory funding for veteran’s healthcare issue he had read about in Gene’s package. Willie wanted to know how he could help Operation Firing For Effect and help insure our veterans receive the best healthcare we can give them. Before the phone conversation had concluded, Willie agreed to do a live interview during Tuesday night’s VFVC Live radio program on Stardust Radio. Willie was in the midst of a scheduled concert in New Jersey with Merle Haggard and Ray Price, and told Gene he would be available at 11:15 PM.


At precisely 11:15 PM Willie (also a US Air Force Veteran) answered his cell phone and for the next 20 minutes he commented with much concern on the welfare of our deployed troops and the healthcare needs of our veterans. Several times during the interview Willie stated he was in 100% support of Operation Firing For Effect and full mandatory funding for veteran’s healthcare. Mr. Nelson also promoted reusable energy as a way to cut dependence of foreign sources. Willie pointed out, if we were self sufficient with renewable energy resources right here within the United States, we wouldn’t be losing American lives overseas protecting another country’s oil resources. The interview concluded with Willie pledging his full support for full mandatory funding of veteran’s healthcare, and a promise to help OFFE in the future.


Willie Nelson is the latest celebrity to join OFFE’s Crusade for full mandatory funding of the Department of Veteran’s Affairs healthcare system and services. In September of last year OFFE sponsored a veteran’s rally in Newark New Jersey. Well-known celebrity Bill Cosby (US Navy Veteran) addressed a group of several hundred veterans and family members. Mr. Cosby voiced his support for full mandated funding for VA healthcare in a very heart-felt speech. You can read more about the Newark OFFE Rally at this link: OFFE Ralley


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