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Show Your Support for Mandatory Funding and Stand Tall for our Veterans

OFFE Resolutions can be signed and submitted by ANYONE. We encourage everyone to sign these resolutions. The future healthcare of our men and women in uniform depends on us.

OFFE 2018 Resolution

Your Support is needed once again as we rally in Washington. By supportingand signing the 2018 OFFE Resolution, we are sending a clear message to President Donald J. Trump, that his words will echo the words of President Lincoln called upon Congress "to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow, and his orphan."

OFFE Mandatory Funding Resolution

This OFFE Resolution was authored on 11/11/06 by Operation Firing for Effect, (OFFE).



Operation Firing For Effect (OFFE) is a bi-partisan Veterans Advocacy group, and subsidiary of Veterans For Veteran Connection, Inc., a 501(c)19 non-profit corporation devoted to the protection and improvement of entitlements and services earned by our men and women in uniform. 
OFFE does not endorse political candidates running for office. OFFE does report on issues of importance to our former military personnel and their families and that includes ‘News’ from both sides of the aisle. OFFE will grant equal time to any candidate (regardless of political affiliation) who wishes to share and explain their position(s) on ‘Veterans’ Affairs’.