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The links below are Friendly Forces
that support
OFFE and the Veterans' Rights Movement

Veterans For Veteran Connection Inc.
Advocating for Veterans and their families and those now serving.

 The Constitution Party of New York




Gun Owners of America


Andrew Dean - Country Western Star


Melanie Morgan - Radio Talk Show Host


Wataire International’s “ Atmospheric Water Generator


Uniformed Disabled Retirees


United Spinal Association


Veterans Health Aministration

Veterans Affairs & Military Medicine OUTLOOK

Resources for Vets

An American Proimise, Inc.

Voice For Veterans Services

Veterans for Veteran Connections

Coalition of Veterans Organizations

Veterans Network

Veterans Today

The Veteran Voice Inc. Newspaper

Sue's Kitchen - Accessible Cookery Guide


An American Promise   

Gun Owners of America


Liberty Post

US Navy, Marine Corps, Army & Air Force Uniforms



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