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NY Labor Union Endorses OFFE Resolution for Mandatory Funding of VA

By Staff Writer: Rick Townsend

December 11, 2006

On December 8, 2006, history was made during a labor union Christmas meeting and dinner. Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 46, Rochester, New York unanimously passed OFFE#1MF, a grassroots resolution aimed at full mandatory funding for veterans healthcare and services. The resolution was authored by Operation Firing Effect (OFFE), a non-profit veterans’ rights service organization with headquarters in Rochester, NY. The 700 members of Local 46 are the very first labor union members to endorse this resolution.

Chris M. Hollfelder is President of Local 46, and he was instrumental in the development of the resolution. In an FBN interview, Hollfelder said that he thought this resolution would take off like wildfire. “We have passed the resolution along to our state Sheet Medal Workers Union leadership asking them to endorse and pass the resolution statewide in an effort to provide support for our veterans,” Hollfelder stated.

OFFE national chairman, Gene Simes was present at the vote and signing of the resolution. “I will be frank, I was moved to tears of joy over the support our resolution received from Local 46,” Simes told the FBN.  “The union members are very sincere about their desire to help our veterans and they have pledged to solicit additional union endorsement nationwide,” He added.

Local 46 Union Leaders and Operation Firing For Effect representatives Gene Simes and Bob Fink shake hands over the approval of
OFFE #1MF Resolution.

Vietnam combat disabled veteran [Name Omitted] is OFFE Public Relations Director. “We went to great effort to write a resolution that was very focused on one issue. We wanted anyone to be able to read and understand this document,” [Name Omitted] told FBN.

Chris Hollfelder told the FBN that the core principles and values of our organization and our veterans were virtually identical. “Our labor unions protect the rights and benefits of their members. Our military protects our rights to do that,” Hollfelder said.  

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