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U.S. Headed for Showdown over Draft Issue

Editorial by Public Relations Director, [Name Omitted]

December 23, 2006

Let me start by saying our current all-volunteer military is by far the best in the world. They have all volunteered to serve and they take their commitment to us very seriously. Every single one of them made the free choice to put their lives on the line to protect American interest. Their morale is high, as is their self esteem. Letís not muck it up.  

Have you ever noticed that the vast majority of people that support a military draft are not eligible for the draft themselves? For some Americans it is extremely easy to suggest other people be forced to fight and die for the protection of Ďtheirí beliefs.

Letís cut to the chase. The question is not whether a young American should be willing to die for their country, but rather are they willing to kill and destroy? I once gave a speech on this subject to a high school group in Newnan, Georgia. When I asked how many in the class would die for their country - every hand in the room went up. But, when I asked how many would be willing to kill another human being and destroy their property - no one raised their hand. Although many American Heroes have given their lives for our country, dyeing requires no real effort, anyone can do it. It does however require a great deal of soul searching and thought to agree to kill for your country. Taking anotherís life is a personal moral decision that should belong solely to each individual and not dictated by the government. No one should have the right to force anyone to kill another. The real trick is to get the other guy to die for his country.

Although it is true not every one of our troops will see combat, it is also true that every man or woman that wears the uniform is a potential target of our enemies around the World. Now a day, just serving in the military is very dangerous duty.

There is a very big difference between fighting and dyeing to protect your country, and giving your life to help establish a democracy for another country entirely. There is very little doubt that most Americans would do anything to protect America. But, far fewer Americans are willing to extend this allegiance to another country. When we deploy combat troops to a foreign land, we are asking them to put their lives on the line for political, economical, and religious beliefs other than their own.

Some people use Israel as an example of a successful military draft system. In Israel you are born into your obligation to serve in the military. Everyone is required to serve. However, the comparison between the U.S. and Israel is a very weak argument. Israel doesnít deploy combat troops all over the globe. Israelis concentrate on protecting their own borders, their own religious beliefs, and their own political process. The U.S. on the other hand feels compelled to police the World. We deploy troops based on what we determine is in our best interest, not self defense like Israel.  

The logical answer to straightening our military is increased benefits, entitlements, and services, not the Draft. Military service is not compatible to any other job on the face of this earth. The hazards are great and the danger is very real. For this reason, military entitlements and veteransí services should be unlike any other benefits package. In order to maintain our all-volunteer forces we must insure that our former military personnel are well rewarded for their service. If our government would apply this attitude, we would surpass enlistment goals and we would be turning young Americans away at the recruiting offices. When VA hospitals are closing at 4:30 in the afternoon, our recruiting efforts are damaged. When it takes months for a veteran to have their claim processed, the affect is felt at the recruiting office. When we promise recruits quality accessible healthcare, and we do not provide it, we are discouraging enlistment. 

Here is my prediction; if the U.S. Government attempts to reinstate the Draft, the American people will strongly resist, much as they did during the 1960s. Anti-draft protest will take to the streets and demonstrators will be arrested. The anti-war groups will take full advantage of this and merge their operations with the anti-draft movement. Our enemies will shine a spotlight on this infighting to illustrate to the World how the American people do not support ongoing U.S. military operations. As draftees are forced into their ranks, military morale will plummet. Cases of PTSD will skyrocket, as draftees will blame all of their problems on the fact they were forced to adapt to military life. Many young Americans will flee to Canada and other countries to avoid being forced into military service. Drafted active duty military personnel will desert in higher numbers.    

The bottom line is simple, the Draft and Slavery are both primitive and outdated concepts. Neither one of which will be revisited without intense resistance. So, the next time you hear someone say they support the Draft, read between the lines. What they are really saying is they believe in forcing others to kill and destroy for the protection of their way of life and personal investment in this country. They are saying they have no problem with your daughter or grandson unwillingly dyeing to protect Ďtheirí rights and freedoms. Think about it.   

"The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceived veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by our nation." George Washington


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