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Senator Hillary Clinton -
First Presidential Candidate Signs Onto OFFE 2008 Mandatory Funding
Senator Barack Obama -
Presidential Candidate Signs Onto OFFE 2008 Mandatory Funding
Governor Bill Richardson from New Mexico
Presidential Candidate Signs Onto OFFE 2008 Mandatory Funding
  Congressman Andre Carson of Indiana
Unopposed Congressional Candidate
Signs OFFE 2008 Mandatory Funding
AFL-CIO Sheet Metal Workers, Local 46
First Organized Union To Sign Onto OFFE 2008 Mandatory Funding

Why  Mandatory Funding - Why Now
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Cook County Passes Ballot Referendum Placing
Veterans Mandatory Funding
For November's Election
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Now You Can Sign Our
On Line Resolution and Be Counted Today - Just Click Below

Mandatory Funding for Veterans’ Healthcare and Services
(Including Dental and Mental Health)

This Resolution was authored on (11/11/06) by Operation Firing for Effect, (OFFE).
You are encouraged to duplicate and distribute this document to all interested parties and
elected officials.


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The Mandatory Funding Resolution can be signed and submitted by ANYONE. We encourage everyone to sign and mail in a copy of this resolution.
Having the resolution Notarized is optional. Here are a few suggestions you might consider; Put your name in the ‘Sponsored by’ line (i.e., Mr. John Jones), sign it, and send it to the address listed at the bottom of the resolution.
Use your family’s name in the ‘Sponsored by’ line (i.e., The Jones Family), get your
family to sign it, and send it in.
Ask your church, or civic group to sponsor the resolution, (i.e. Jones Road Baptist Church, or Jones Road VFW, Post 999), have your members sign it and send it in.
Contact high schools in your area and invite them to participate in the resolution drive.
This would make a great social science project for students in the eleventh and twelfth grade. Name your class as the sponsor, (i.e., Twelfth Grade, Jones High School), let everyone sign it and send it in.
Contact area businesses and encourage them to participate by sponsoring the resolution, (i.e., Jones Plumbing Service, or Jones Dry Cleaning), have the employees sign it and send it in.
Contact your local Town Council, or County Commissioners to sponsor the resolution.
Contact your elected officials and ask them to support mandatory funding for veteran’s
The success of this resolution drive depends entirely on your involvement. If we expect to get the attention of our politicians and national news media, we have to collect an impressive number of signed resolutions from across the country.

The future healthcare of our men and women in uniform depends on us.

Remember, if you do nothing, you can expect nothing to change.



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California Hot On the Trail to Mandatory Funding

Huntington Beach City Council Leads the Way
Orange County Veterans Advisory Council Approves OFFE Resolution to Orange County Board of Supervisors
American Legion Board of Directors Supporting OFFE Resolution on Full Mandatory Health Care Funding
Assmeblyman Jim Silva September 17, 2007 OFFE Letter
 California Paralyzed Veterans Association Approve OFFE Full Mandatory Healthcare Resolution 

Word Document

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Bruce Parry Brings
Veteran Coalition of Chicago
On Board
Chicago's Alderman Sign On to Mandatory Funding
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Members Check Out these Important Dates - Click Here

Clinton and OFFE to Demand
Mandatory Funding

On April 10th OFFE 2008 attended the “CARES” Local Advisory Panel Meeting (LAP) at the Canandaigua VA, here the Panel officiated by Amo Houghton presented the proposals that will go forward to Secretary Nicholson and determine the future of the veterans facility in the future.

At that meeting Senator Hillary Clinton a featured speaker at the LAP Hearing spoke out for veterans by calling for the formation of a community committee to insure that veterans needs continue to be addressed as the VA goes forward with the campus development in the future.

 In her speech to the panel Senator Clinton said;

            "As I have said throughout this process, it is critical that a line of communication remain open to ensure that the voices of the veterans' community are heard. LookingSenator Hillary Clinton ahead, the premature elimination of the acute in-patient psychiatric beds makes it all the more important for the VA to seek and heed the views of the local community before their final plan for the campus is released. This community deserves to be heard today, tomorrow, and far into the future when it comes to our veterans," Senator Clinton said following the meeting. "The best way for the VA to keep the line of communication open with the very community they serve is to establish a permanent community advisory panel."

From the beginning of the VA CARES process, Senator Clinton fought hard against plans to close the facility. Last October, Senator Clinton applauded the fact that all of the options approved by the VA for further consideration maintain a presence on the Canandaigua campus and that options which would have shifted services to other sites were rejected. In February, she expressed her disappointment that the VA went ahead prematurely and executed a decision to complete the phasing out of the eight remaining acute in-patient psychiatric beds.

After the meeting Gene Simes presented Senator Clinton with the resolution that veterans are using across the nation to demand that Washington return VA Funding to the status it held for decades within the federal budget. That resolution (available on this web page) calls  for placing VA Funding  on the mandatory side of the budget and remove it from the discretionary side of the budget where it was placed two decades ago.

On April 19th Senator Clinton came aboard the OFFE 2008 Mandatory Funding Crusade Check out the signed copy of the resolution by clicking here


  Senator Barack Obama Joins Nations Veterans
In Calling for Mandatory Funding

On Friday May 2nd Presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama joined OFFE 2008 and its supporters in calling for Mandatory Funding for Veterans Healthcare. Just days before the Indiana Primary, We were notified by Senator Obama's Legislative Director, Chris Lu that the Senator had climbed aboard by signing the Mandatory Funding Resolution.
OFFE 2008  wishes to welcome Senator Obama in joining  thousands of his fellow American's that believe our veterans deserve our thanks for a job well done and the promise of healthcare, today, tomorrow and forever.

Check Out Senator Obama's signed copy of the OFFE 2008 Resolution - Just Click Here


To View Resolutions Signed by the Supporters for
Mandatory Funding follow the links below:


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To View These Documents
Click Here to Download  


Elected Representatives Labor Organizations Municipalities Veterans Partners
Senator Hillary Clinton-New York AFL-CIO Sheet Metal Workers, Local 137, NY Brighton Township - New York State Constitution Party of New York
State of Oregon-Governor Kulongoski AFL-CIO Sheet Metal Workers, Local 46, NY City of Chicago, Illinois Major Contributor  - Jack Davis
Senator Charles Schumer - New York American Fed. of Government Emp Local 3306 Cook County Board of Commissioners, Illinois
Ballot Initiative
Veterans for Constitutional Law
New York State Senator Joseph Robach Chemung/Schuyler County Labor Assembly Monroe County - New York Colonel Harry Riley
State of New Mexico
Bill Richardson
Rochester and Genesee Valley Area Labor Federation City Council of Philadelphia Joseph Reynolds
Lt. Governor
of New Mexico
Diane Denish
New York State Sheet Metal Workers Council State of Oregon James and Marianne Schulze
John Wallace
Candidate NY 20th Congressional District
Rochester Building & Construction Trades Council Town of Canadice Larry J. Goette
Anthony Peraica
Cook County Board of Commissioners
Steuben/Livingston County Labor Council Town of Hamlin, New York DAV Roll of Honor
Chapter 120
Larry Suffredin
Cook County Board of Commissioners
  Town of Irondequoit, New York Veterans for Constitutional Law - Port Jefferson, NY
Michael Nozzolio
New York
State Senator
  City of Rochester, New York AMVETS Post 84
Joseph Robach
New York
State Senator
  Town of Bosque Farms
New Mexico
California Veterans Board
Senator Barack Obama - Illinois   New York State Assembly Willie Nelson
Andre Carson
of Indiana
  Chicago Alderman,
Chicago, Illinois
American Legion
Post 857
Seal Beach, California
Senator Evan Bayh
of Indiana
Fellow Americans
Greg Aggson
Arthur Bonham
Charles Bunner
Carolyn Deverter
John Drabinsky
Wanda Drabinsky
Barbara and Charles Hildreth
Sharon Prevedello
Vincent Quinn
Benjamin Sensenbach
Schulze Family - In Memory of Jonathan Schulze USMC
Stephen Spinello
John Stengel
John Ubaldi
Ralph Wertz
Temple A. Chappell
Julia K. Harland

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