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2018 Resolution

Grassroots veterans’ organization, Forgotten Warriors Project, Operation Firing for Effect, VAL-OR, USA, Veterans News Today and a multitude of concerned veterans, hereby presents the following resolution, whereby veterans are facing insurmountable bureaucratic obstacles in accessing a timely response of benefits from the DVA, et al.

Whereas, (The Department of Veterans Affairs referred as DVA)

1. The DVA was enacted by Congress in 1789, with the ratification of the U.S. Constitution, the first Congress assumed the burden of paying veterans benefits.
2. In 1865, President Lincoln called upon Congress “to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow, and his orphan.”
3. Congress in 1921 created the Veterans’ Bureau to consolidate veterans’ programs managed by three agencies — the Bureau of War Risk Insurance, Public Health Service and the Federal Board of Vocational Education.
4. President Hoover signed the executive order establishing the VA on July 21, 1930.
5. Lincoln’s immortal words became the VA motto in 1959.
6. President Reagan signed legislation in 1988 to elevate VA to Cabinet status whereby on March 15, 1989, the Veterans Administration became the DVA.
7. The DVA has been poor stewards in oversight, regarding disability claims processing responsibilities, with long and tedious delays for many service-connected veterans seeking disability compensation.
8. The DVA Combined Ratings Table under 38 CFR 4.25 needs to be repeal as an unfair formula aimed at disabled veterans with its multiple disabilities & combined ratings.
9. The DVA has current disability claims pending exceeding 10 years without an absolute resolve, whereas veterans are dying before a final disposition.
10. Veterans’ suicide has increased and Veterans symbolically take their lives at VA facilities
11. The DVA has rejected all efforts in determining military service confirmation, due to black-ops or covert activities, thus denying veterans, due process of law under the United States Constitution and U.S. Code 38.
12. The DVA and its administrative staff have conspired and colluded to undermine the proper scheduling of medical appointments that has led to the deaths of hundreds of veterans, awaiting medical treatments.
13. The DVA has being derelict in the use of unsterile medical equipment that has led to deaths and exposure to veterans, causing harm and fatal diseases.
14. The DVA has become more adversarial toward veterans, not keeping with its Motto “to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow, and his orphan.”
15. The DVA’ metaphorically actual attitude is “delay, deny and hope you die”.
16. No veteran should be given priority on benefits over any other veteran from past wars or conflicts.
17. The DVA supports the Supreme Court of the United States’ (SCOTUS) ruling on Rose v Rose, where benefits were intended by Congress for the veteran and his family.

Grassroots veterans’ organizations; FWP, OFFE, VNT, and VAL-OR, USA: (Committee on Veterans' Affairs to be referred as CVA)


1. Urges the CVA to investigate the systematic failures of the DVA and its senior administrative managerial staff, including the termination of senior or secondary tier for dereliction of their duties and responsibilities.
2. Urge the CVA to make a sincere effort to access service records, if veterans might have been a part of black-ops or covert operation, in any country, not necessarily divulging their activities or locations, but acknowledging military service.
3. Urge the CVA to accept prove, through testimonies from collaborating witnesses, as to military service in a discreet manner when service records are not available or inaccessible.
4. Urge DVA to instill a written policy where any veteran waiting for over 10 years on pending claims, by way of repeated remands will be awarded a temporary disability rating of not less than 50%, until claims have been thoroughly competently adjudicated or apply the Benefit of the Doubt doctrine, the statute is 38 USC § 5107(b).
5. Urge the DVA to do away with Individual (IE) Unemployability on veterans over the age of 65 years who are currently in receipt thereof.
6. Urge the DVA to consider using the Choice Program to act as a “supplemental health care coverage” for veterans over the age of 65 years who may have Medicare Part A and/or Part B and veterans on Social Security disability benefits, allowing for total access to their own doctors, or specialists in their own communities at no expense.
7. Urge the DVA to form a veterans’ Consortium, inviting all grassroots non-profits veterans’ organization and chartered veterans organizations to participate in quarterly round table symposiums, as part of the State of the Union’s well-ness on veterans’ issues and concerns.
8. Urge the DVA to respond to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 5 U.S.C. § 552 requests in a timely manner consistent with federal law and to make such records "promptly available to any person".
9. Urge the DVA’ VETERANS INTEGRATED SERVICE NETWORKS (VISN) to post all current and pending leases in a public venue open for dialogue and open transparency.
10. Urge the CVA to immediately investigate the legitimacy of the settlement plan currently protected by the West Los Angeles Leasing Act of 2016.
11. Urge the DVA through oversight by the CVA to order consistency measures throughout all the 21 VISNs in the applications of policies and statutory authorities.
12. Urge the DVA to restore its commitment to the scared trust bestow to veterans, widows and orphans through an annual review, thus restoring and inculcating the best practices for stewardship of America’s moral and legal obligations to genuinely commit to its responsibilities.
13. Urge the DVA to fulfill the opinion of SCOTUS in Rose v Rose by not reducing compensation benefits to the veteran’s widow, upon his death, if indeed these benefits were intended for the veteran and the family.
14. Urge the DVA that it has a Congressional duty and responsibility to “to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow, and his orphan”, not just empty words.

Movers: Simon Alvarado, MSW Board President of Forgotten Warriors Project, Inc. 501 (c) (3) 979-716-8272
Gene D. Simes, Board President of Operation Firing For Effect, Inc. 501(c) (19) 315-986-7322

Seconders: Paul Dione, Veterans News Today Publisher 603-581-4095
Francisco Juarez VAL-OR, USA, Inc. 562-443-0345

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