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Operation Firing for Effect, Inc.


Veterans For Veteran Connection Inc.: Advacating for Veterans and their families and those now serving. Click here to .

UPDATED: January 1, 2012 Revised and approved VFVC Inc by laws by the VFVC, Inc. board members

Veterans For Veteran Connection, INCORPORATED

A non-profit volunteerVeterans organization
Volunteers Membership with out dues
1700 Waterford Road
Walworth, NY 14568


Section 1: The name of the organization shall be known as; Veterans for Veterans Connections, Inc. (VFVC, Inc)
Section 2: Veterans for Veterans Connections, Inc. was formed exclusively as a Veterans’ Advocacy Group devoted to the improvement and protection of benefits, entitlements, and services earned by our men and women in uniform; to promote Charitable and Educational programs which assist our former military personnel and their families which promote programs and services that improve the Health and Welfare of our veterans, their spouses, dependents, and widows; to enhance recognition of the service and sacrifice made by our fellow veterans. To encourage enlistment and retention in the United States Armed Forces; to maintain the highest morale within our military ranks; and to promote the highest level of Respect, Honor, and Integrity within our all-volunteer military services, to improve and encourage communication, between former military personnel.
More specifically: As a grassroots Advocacy Group for Veterans’ Healthcare and Services,
Transportation Programs, Rehabilitation Programs, Educational Programs, Specialized Medical Treatment, (Specialized Clinics, Mental Health, PTSD, Audiologist, Speech, Eye Care, Dermatology, and medical services available.)
Section 3: Support and create Educational/School/Historical programs which promote Patriotism and our American heritage.
Section 4: Assist U.S. military veterans, regardless of age, ethnic background, sex/orientation, or religious belief. VFVC, Inc. is an equal opportunity organization.
Section 5: Provide assistance to spouses, dependents, and widows of former military personnel when filing for benefits and/or entitlements.
Section 6: Support groups and organizations that produce programs which assist and service our former military personnel, and their families.
Section 7: Lobby Congress for innovative improvements, increased funding, and greater accessibility to veterans’ healthcare and services.
Section 8: Maintain a bipartisan posture at all times.
Section 9: Provide moral support to all active duty personnel and their families.


Section 1: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary
Section 2: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and an VFVC, Inc. Board of Directors Consisting of nine, (9) appointed members are all appointed positions. These offices are appointed by the VFVC President and can be terminated at any time.


Section 1: VFVC Board of Directors will be created by the President and consist of nine, (9) appointed board members.
Section 2: The number of VFVC Board of Directors will be determined by the President. The President can expand, or decrease the number of board members at any time as he deems necessary. However, the President must notify all board members of proposed changes no less than 30 days in advance.
Section 3: The only qualification for serving on the OFFE Board of Directors is individuals appointed by the President must be a United States citizen.
Section 4: Board of Directors can serve indefinitely and the appointment of board members will be at the discretion of the President. (Appointed/unlimited term)
Section 5: It is the primary duty of the Board of Directors to advise the President on issues of policy and business. It is also the duty of the Board of Directors to advise the President on matters of importance to the organization’s mission and purpose. All final decisions will be made by the President, unless the President calls for a BOD vote on any particular matter or issue.
Section 6: Each member of the VFVC, Inc Board of Directors has one, (1) vote.
Section 7: Five, (5) VFVC, Inc Board of Directors must be present to constitute a quorum at any meeting.
Section 8: The VFVC, Inc Board of Directors and all OFFE officers will be required to meet once a month on a day to be announced. The President will chair these meetings. If the President is unable to attend, the Vice President will chair the meeting.
Section 9: Monthly meetings will be held by conference phone via Stardust Radio. Every meeting will be recorded by the VFVC, Inc Media Director. These recordings will be considered as the official VFVC, Inc. meeting minutes.
Section 10: VFVC, Inc Media Director will be responsible for posting meeting audio files on the Internet.
Section 11 VFVC Security Chief will serve as Master at Arms during all scheduled monthly conference call meetings.


Section 1: Veterans for Veterans Connections is the operational term for the nationwide movement for full mandatory funding of veterans healthcare.
Section 2: Veterans for Veterans Connections, Inc (VFVC, Inc) is an incorporated, self-sustaining organization.
Section 3: Veterans for Veterans Connections, Inc (VFVC, Inc) will sponsor its own activities, raffles, projects, and events.

ARTICLE 5: Veterans for Veterans Connections, Inc. (VFVC, Inc)

Section 1: Any U.S. citizen can serve as an VFVC, Inc State Director of Operations.
Section 2: The VFVC, Inc President, with the recommendations of OFFE officers and Board of Directors will appoint individuals to serve as Directors within the states they live in. These Directors will be known as VFVC, Inc State Directors of Operations’.
Section 3: The total number of appointed VFVC,Inc State Directors of Operations within any one state will not exceed three, (3).
Section 4: VFVC,Inc State Director of Operations will be responsible for coordinating OFFE operations within their state.
Section 5: VFVC,Inc State Director of Operations will be required to comply with all state and local laws and regulations within their state.
Section 6: VFVC,Inc State Director of Operations will report directly to the OFFE President and the VFVC,Inc Board of Directors.


Section 1: Any United States citizen can join VFVC, Inc.
Section 2: All VFVC,Inc membership is FREE of charge, and all members are volunteers within the organization.
Section 3: All membership applications will be reviewed by the VFVC,Inc Membership committee prior to approval.
Section 4: Once approved, each member will receive a numbered VFVC,Inc membership card.
Section 5: In general, VFVC,Inc members at large do not have voting rights VFVC,Inc matters.
Section 6: The VFVC,Inc Membership committee will create and maintain a membership log consisting of member’s name and contact information, and membership number.


Section 1: VFVC,Inc Officers VFVC,Inc Board of Directors members, and VFVC,Inc State Directors of Operations makes up the VFVC,Inc membership committee and can accept membership applications and issue VFVC,Inc membership cards.
Section 2: VFVC,Inc Vice President will act as VFVC,Inc Membership Chairman.
Section 3: A copy of all membership applications must be forwarded to the VFVC,Inc Vice President.
Section 4: A membership log will be maintained by the VFVC,Inc Vice President of all OFFE members.
Section 5: A membership log will also be maintained by each VFVC,Inc State Director of Operations on the members in their state.


Section 1: Committees will be formed as needed for VFVC,Inc projects and programs.
Section 2: Any active VFVC,Inc member in good standing can serve on a committee.


Section 1: VFVC,Inc will accept financial donations and provide all donors with tax exempt information.
Section 2 VFVC,Inc will conduct raffles to raise donations.
Section 3: VFVC,Inc will accept donations of real property, or items of value, and will provide the donor with a receipt for the estimated value of the donation.
Section 4: All cash/check donations collected will be deposited directly into the VFVC,Inc E general account.
Section 5: VFVC,Inc Treasurer will be responsible for accounting for all donations deposited into the VFVC,Inc general bank account.
Section 6: VFVC,Inc Treasurer will prepare a quarterly financial report covering all donations and expenditures. A copy of this report will be posted on the VFVC,Inc web site and provided to all VFVC,Inc officers and VFVC,Inc Board of Directors.
Section 7: Individuals or businesses that donate a minimum of $20 will receive a plastic card which will identify them as a financial supporter of VFVC,Inc E and the nationwide grassroots movement to improve and protect the benefits and entitlements earned by our men and women in uniform.
Section 8: 100% of all funds raised will be used for VFVC, Inc. operating expenses.


Section 1: When deemed necessary, or appropriate by the President, special issues and/or OFFE business matters will be put before the membership for a vote.
Section 2: Any/all VFVC,Inc members will be allowed a vote on special issues.
Section 3: The VFVC,Inc President, with the advice of his officers and Board of Directors will determine what issues qualify for a membership vote.
Section 4: The VFVC,Inc Secretary will be responsible for creating a system and method for special issues voting and ballot count.
Section 5: The VFVC,Inc Secretary will post voting results in the OFFE Newsletter.


Section 1: VFVC,Inc Public Relations Director will be responsible for publishing press releases on all VFVC,Inc activities. All press releases will be posted on the Internet.
Section 2: VFVC,Inc Public Relations Director will be responsible for producing a quarterly VFVC,Inc Newsletter. These Newsletters will be posted on the Internet.
Section 3: All Press Releases, Newsletters, Publications must be approved by the OFFE President and VFVC,Inc Public Relations Director prior to release.


Section 1: VFVC,Inc photo Press Cards will only be issued to OFFE Officers and State Directors of Operations.
Section 2: If an individual leaves the organization for whatever reason, they will be required to turn in their Press Card to the VFVC,Inc Security Chief for disposal.


Section 1: If a member has a complaint or a grievance they can submit a written description of the situation to the Chairman of the VFVC,Inc Board of Directors for review.
Section 2: The VFVC,Inc Board of Directors will determine what action, if any, and advise the VFVC,Inc President of their recommendations.
Section 3: All complaints and grievances will be handled in a confidential manner.
Section 4: The VFVC,Inc Board of Directors has the power to cancel an individual’s OFFE membership as they deem necessary.


Interest in the organization's property is limited to its use for organizational purposes. If
dissolved, all property not needed for payment of debts and expenses shall be transferred or conveyed to one or more organizations that engage in activities related to humanitarian
assistance to Veterans and their families.


The corporation shall indemnify any person who was or who is a party or was or is threatened to be made a party to any threatened, pending or completed action or suit or proceeding as provided in Section __ and the sub-sections of the New York Revised Code Section 724 as provided and here after amended from time to time.


These by-laws may be amended by the affirmative vote of the majority of board members at any duly constituted meeting after previous notice to all members.


This organization shall serve a public interest. No part of the organizations net earnings may inure to the benefit of an insider. An insider is any person who has a personal or private interest in the activities of the organization such as Officers and Directors.


An Officer or Director shall perform their duties at all times in good faith and in a manner reasonably believed to be in the best interest of the corporation. The Board may remove any Officer or Director from office at any time with or without cause by a majority vote of Directors present at a meeting called for such purpose if a quorum is present. Prior written notification shall be given to the Officer or Director to be removed.

VFVC, Inc OFFICERS: President/Founder – Gene D. Simes – (unrestricted/unlimited term)
Secretary – Simon Alvarado – (appointed/unlimited term)
Treasurer – Yann Iannucci – (appointed/unlimited term)

1. Gene D Simes – (OFFE Chairman of the Board)
2. Simon Alvarado - (OFFE Secretary)
3. Yann Iannucci – (OFFE treasurer)



Operation Firing For Effect (OFFE) is a bi-partisan Veterans Advocacy group, and subsidiary of Veterans For Veteran Connection, Inc., a 501(c)19 non-profit corporation devoted to the protection and improvement of entitlements and services earned by our men and women in uniform. 
OFFE does not endorse political candidates running for office. OFFE does report on issues of importance to our former military personnel and their families and that includes News from both sides of the aisle. OFFE will grant equal time to any candidate (regardless of political affiliation) who wishes to share and explain their position(s) on Veterans Affairs.