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December 7, 2016


I am not a veteran, but I feel like I am, having had most all of my siblings in every branch of the service. My closest brother died in Viet Nam in '69.
I was scheduled to go in but my fate was different.
I went blind in a car accident in '79.

My life was at such a low point that I thought couldn't get any lower. No time for the story here, but the next 10 years got much worse.

Inside myself, is the loneliest, hardest place I know, and I got humbled!
I had no choice but to start digging in, and I did. I dug hard with adaptive equipment, learned typing, started writing and expressing myself. And I'll never forget my first email and what a miracle it was, not ever having seen a computer screen ever and still can't. So, I use my ears to see with a screen reader that reads the screen to me through the speakers.
I made a huge discovery with my new adaptive skills; in fact it was life changing for me.
I wrote my story and took a chance. I was able to share it, published in a magazine that went around the world in a 12 step program. I found out that getting out of myself and helping others wasn't so bad, in fact, it felt good.

This first effort and learning the skills of helping others gave me a profound sense of personal power that I never had before.

My drive kept going and my skills got better to the point of having a career of Technology Instructor. The first thing I tell my students is that they are going to do things for their own reasons, and that what I would like to do is to give them the ability to learn to the point that they can teach others.

I know this works because some of my former students are now giving and teaching others, in a giving, other centered way.

What I really like to do is to teach independence, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I try my best to lead by example, and that's a long way from where I came from believe me.

It is like a spiritual drive to lift up others, and I found out that I can't keep this unless I give it away.

I have my story, and you certainly have yours, but it hurts me to know that so many Veterans are suffering so much. I hear the statistics, and the injustice of our returning brothers and sisters held down in bureaucratic red tape.

I would like to give what I have, but it needs interaction, on both parts. I found out that blindness isn't the end, and I am inspired by so many that have overcome so much, with so many different disabilities. I know that anything is possible, and I’ve learned to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

But I just wanted to connect with our brothers and sisters to let you all know that if I can do something with my life, I'm sure you can too.

My brother's name was Richard. I called him Dicky. If I can possibly help even one of you veterans that might be reading this, maybe you can help me stay connected to my fallen brother too.

The next message is a letter to the President elect that I recently wrote. I would like to propose an American program that involves all of us helping each other. To utilize computers and electronic devices to start serving again, in a healthy way for America, to help and heal with one another through connections of email, web sites and personal stories that all may help leave the past back where it belongs.

"Eventually, we have to give up hope for a better past"

Thanks for reading this. If you'd like to view my web site, go to link below.
GOD bless our Veterans, and GOD bless America.
Dan Malone
Semper Fi

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