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OFFE Veterans' Newsletter

April 26, 2016

OFFE News Readers,

Our Veteran advocacy website is the last place you would expect to read about "LOVE" but we must make a point. Ask this question of anyone, "do you love living" and most will realize that they love being able to rise from rest and to live another day.

Now, study the picture above, entitled "John, Verse 15" (Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends) and you will realize that the OFFE outreach message, contained herein, is urgent. Then, if you have any doubt about how serious OFFE is, ask a combat Veteran if we are on the right path.

Please mark OFFE as a "Favorite" on your browser because you are now tuned into the only on-line Veteran Advocacy organization with representation in 21 states that maintains the position of challenging any and all dangerous policy that runs rampant throughout the Veterans Affairs Department.

Think about this, the declining Veteran population is as much a reality as are the declining memberships of the Veteran Service Organizations (VSO'S) that have been chartered by congress. Outside of a world war bringing back the draft, many Americans agree that these numbers will spiral down to the point that it will no long require being the 2nd largest budget in the Presidential Cabinet. This has created an evil special interest that is already thinking that way and has little concerned for the honor to Veterans and much more for return on investment for stockholders.

Apart from the budget that is 2nd only to the Department of Defense, this fading institution is akin to that of the cowboy era. However, unlike the cowboys, Veterans have been revered, most notably by President Abraham Lincoln, and promised "Sacred Trust", "to care for him that shall have borne the battle, his widow and his orphans".

How often have you heard that America is great because of our Veterans?
It's been said that we can read something like this, not because of the teachers but because of Veterans who fought and died for a country that built schools and trained teachers. The politician who is glorified would not hold office if not for the Veterans fought and died for our democratic processes, and, the list continues.

Unfortunately, America, the promise that once existed is not being fully delivered upon and non-Veteran special interests, intent on snatching up the entire VA budget now exist.

There are certain entities that have long been planning the dismantling of VA's assets, its resources, its services and infrastructure. Regardless of what any Act of Congress or Deed says, they have formed, like buzzards circling over a dying animal, alone in Death Valley, and a feeding frenzy of sharks.

Believe OFFE when we tell you, the last generations of Veterans, predicted to have an increase of women in combat, will not enjoy the same honor and respect of "Sacred Trust" that earlier Veterans have.

Certainly, these last of the cowboys and cowgirls will be pretentiously prayed over and patronized by those same special interests, while they climb over them to get to the new troughs of money.

Now is the time for us to form a new and stronger Veteran voice across the United States of America by making OFFE, a proven non-VSO Veteran advocacy organization, your voice! No dues are necessary just stand side by side each other. OFFE is not beholding to politicians. It is only loyal to the idea that the Promise of Sacred Trust must be delivered to the most rank-in-file, grassroots, Veteran until the last man or woman is gone.

Together, we can put this Veteran dilemma into proper perspective before it's too late! Together, we can stop the self-serving influence of special interests that are currently preventing the delivery of true sacred trust.

Francisco Juarez
Editor, OFFE News

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