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OFFE Veterans' Newsletter

April 26, 2016


OFFE and LA Lista Readers,

While you may not be able to vote for this candidate for Congress, you can show him support. Give him something to claim, "I have the support of Veterans locally and from across the nation because I am opposed to legislation (Lieu's) that endorses the VA, West Los Angeles settlement plan on the first draft without regard to proven flaws or prudent planning".

Please send him your support, an email, a donation, a thumbs up:

Town Hall Event: Join us for a Town Hall Event Wednesday, April 27th in Redondo Beach with Dr. Wright as he discusses how to tackle the issues facing America head on. Issues like revitalizing the economy, bringing back jobs, and keeping America safe. As a Pediatric Ophthalmologist, Dr. Wright is not a career politician. He has spent his life helping children across the world be able to see. Now he's determined to help all of you, by running to take Congress out of the hands of party politicians.

Wednesday, April 27th at 7:00 P.M.

639 Paseo De La Playa, Redondo Beach, CA 90277


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Operation Firing For Effect (OFFE) is a bi-partisan Veterans Advocacy group, and subsidiary of Veterans For Veteran Connection, Inc., a 501(c)19 non-profit corporation devoted to the protection and improvement of entitlements and services earned by our men and women in uniform. 
OFFE does not endorse political candidates running for office. OFFE does report on issues of importance to our former military personnel and their families and that includes ‘News’ from both sides of the aisle. OFFE will grant equal time to any candidate (regardless of political affiliation) who wishes to share and explain their position(s) on ‘Veterans’ Affairs’.