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OFFE Veterans' Newsletter

April 25, 2016

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR by Francisco Juarez

OFFE and LA Lista Readers,

To be perfectly clear, La Lista, OFFE and the swelling population of associate Veteran advocates want the public and land-grabbers to know that you cannot build the case against us by saying we want a return to the nostalgic.

Here is an excerpt from an article, WHY THE POLITICS OF NOSTALGIA ARE DANGEROUS, in today's

"The late Russian-born novelist and playwright Svetlana Boym made a distinction between two types of nostalgia, reflective and restorative. While the former tends to be wistful and dreamy (think of Reagan's "Morning in America" imagery), the latter, which lies at the core of many modern national and religious revival movements, is deadly serious.
Restorative nostalgia has two essential plot lines, the first being the return to a hallowed past and the second being the conspiracies that explain why that past was lost. As such, these nostalgic movements come to be more about the search for scapegoats than they are about recapturing any sort of tradition. They’re particularly attractive to groups who feel victimized by change in the modern world."

OFFE contends that the legal mandate calling for permanency, expressed in the “Indenture", the Deed of 1888, is not a call for nostalgia. Furthest from being either type of nostalgia, our constant repeat for the protection and adherence of the "terms, conditions, spirit and intent" are the battle cry from this grassroots Veteran community to honor, in full, the one and only "Master Plan", the Deed and the Act that gave permanency to what is not a "HOME" for disabled Veterans.

Further, OFFE, stands on the fact that if the Deed could have been changed it would have been changed in 1902, 1972 and other points in time that special interests simply hid behind self-serving bureaucrats to enjoy what rightly belongs to disabled Veterans.

Now, enters the Commission on Care, proposing "bold transformation" of the VA healthcare system. We will be monitoring its every step to ensure that it does not appeal to the public’s sentiment, making society believe that the advocacy of the Veteran community is a demand for a return to nostalgia.

You only need to ask a combat Veteran if our cause is wrong or misguided.

As states, OFFE is "deadly serious" about stopping the repeat of history by advocating that the government abide by that which created the history.


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