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Veteran’s March Organizers Dispel Rumors and Move Forward


By Staff Writer: Rick Townsend

April 1, 2006


According to March organizers, there are false rumors and misinformation being spread over the internet about next month’s planned Rally in DC.


In a telephone interview today, Gene Simes responded to false rumors that the project had declared bankruptcy and would be canceled. “I’m stunned and saddened by these unfounded reports. Contrary to what you may have seen on the web or heard through the infamous rumor mill, the project is on course and will take place as planned,” Simes said. “Unfortunately, there are negative elements in our society that will do anything to derail this event. Whoever is spreading these false rumors in not working with Operation Firing For Effect – The Veteran’s March. Nor, are their actions in the best interest of our nation’s former military personnel,” Simes stated. “Everyone on this project, with the single exception of James North, is still very much involved. In fact, we have added 3 more committee members to help us produce this project,” Simes added.


James North was the co-producer of an upcoming veterans’ affairs rally planned for April 25th of next month on the steps of the U.S. Capitol. Both North and Simes have been working for months to organize this rally, and many veterans and their families pledged support and are planning to attend the DC gathering. The event’s objective is to provide an opportunity for our veterans to voice their concerns over proposed health care cost increases and service reductions for our veterans. The project has gained great momentum and support from all over the country.


Last week, James North officially withdrew his support of, and involvement in Operation Firing For Effect – The Veteran’s March. If you have visited the project’s web site recently, you may have read a statement authored by North denouncing the project.


Gene Simes responded to North’s withdrawal. “Jim North gave us no warning that he was going to pull the web site offline. His discontent may be directed at me personally, but he is affecting a lot more people by dropping out like this. The bottom line is, we will not change our plans because one man is disgruntled, the Rally will happen,” Simes said.


Veteran’s rights advocate [Name Omitted] is the event Public Relations Director. [Name Omitted] contradicts some of North’s web site statement. According to [Name Omitted], there is a list of speakers and topics, and an agenda/program is expected out soon. “We have received many requests from people to speak at the Rally. Organizing the list and deciding who will speak is the only real challenge I see. The list will need to remain somewhat fluid up until the middle of April. Believe me, there will not be a shortage of people in DC with something to say about veterans’ affairs,” [Name Omitted] stated. “I personally see no logical reason why any individual would deliberately foul this project by spreading misinformation. Our web page was created as the result of many hours of work contributed by a number people, not just one,” [Name Omitted] said.


Event organizers are the first to admit producing a Rally of this magnitude is a huge undertaking. However, they all feel confident the necessary elements are in place and the logistics of the Rally have been addressed.     


Jeff Showalter, owner and operator of Stardust Radio is project Technical Director. Showalter stated that all of the technical requirements have been arranged and internet systems designed to record and broadcast the Rally worldwide via live feed. “All systems are Go from the technical end. We just have to follow through with our plans and put all of the pieces together,” Showalter said.


Rick Buckner is the project DC Field Director and new web master for The Veteran’s March. Buckner has voiced strong objection to the resent unwarranted attacks on the integrity of the project. “We are doing everything humanly possible to make this event a success. I am very offended by any suggestion that we are not organized or accountable,” Buckner said.


After many hours of diligent work, Rick Buckner was able to build a new web site for the project. Buckner said the process of creating an entirely new web site was difficult, as the entire content of the old web site was removed by a single individual without approval or notice. “I had only bits and pieces to work with in reassembling the site,” Buckner said. “All of the photographs sent in by supporters and other information is still being held hostage by the old web master,” he added.


Russ Scarvilli is in charge of event security. “We are working closely with US Park Service and DC police to insure a safe and well coordinated event. We are currently working on parking arrangements for everything from motorcycles to busses,” Scarvilli said.


Gene Simes summed up the rumor problems like this. “Those of us involved in this project swore a personal oath to God and our fellow veterans to see this Rally through. I have enlisted the help of many good people, and together we will achieve our mission. We promised our veterans and their families that we would provide them an opportunity to take their concerns to DC - and that is exactly what we are going to do. At the conclusion of this Rally and after all expenses have been met, our accounting department will release a full disclosure of donations and event cost to anyone interested. Until then, our main objective is simply to make the Rally happen, regardless of cost. Operation Firing For Effect – The Veteran’s March will proceed as planned. End of conversation,” Simes concluded.


Please visit WWW.VetMarch2006.NET for all future updates and information. Or contact Gene Simes directly at (315) 986 7322, (585)329 4711


After repeated calls from the Firebase Network, James North was unavailable for comment.


[NOTE] Operation Firing For Effect – The Veteran’s March project chairman, Gene Simes will be our guest on the Firebase Network’s Veterans Hour on Sunday, April 2nd, at 6pm, (EST). You can listen to the broadcast live at this link WWW.GCNLIVE.COM Simes will be addressing the DC project and listener calls are welcome. 800 259 9231




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