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Simon Alvarado




Entered the United States Army in June 1969 in San Antonio, TX.  After basic training at Fort Hood, TX he completed his Advance Individual Training at Fort Knox, KY in the specialty of 11D (reconnaissance).  After his AIT he was selected to attend Non-Commission Officers Training at the Fort Knox Armor School.  And upon his graduation as an E-5 (Sergeant) in April 1970 he was reassigned to Fort Hood, TX for his on the job training (OJT).  At the end of 90 days he was selected to go to Vietnam.


By July 1970 he was assigned to 1/10 Calvary, B Troop, 4th Infantry Division as a track commander in the Central Highlands (2nd Corp) in Vietnam.  His objectives were to conducts operations supporting the squadron in the areas of security in sensitive areas and anticipatory reactionary offenses in the areas of operation, primarily ambushes and reconnaissance.


In October 16, 1970 he was awarded his first Purple Heart and soon after his Combat Infantry Badge (CIB), while conducting field operations in Vietnam.


On March 16, 1971 he was awarded a Purple Heart with one Oak leaf during another operation near LZ Action.


In June 1972 he was discharged honorably from the United States Army at Fort Riley, KS and later medically retired due to injuries incurred in Vietnam.


Education consists of a Bachelor Degree (1978) and Master Degree (1983) in Social Work earned at Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, TX.


Primary goal in life:  to live long enough to make reality the protection of veterans benefits and the improvement of healthcare in the VA Healthcare system to decrease or eliminate the hardships on disabled veterans.  To empower others veterans to stand up and defend their rights,




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