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Country Western Star
Andrew Dean


"WIDE OPEN DREAMS"   NITE*SKY Records, Nashville TN
Thee American Dream Tour 2006 - 2008
With a tank full of fuel.....this super-charged entertainer .....really revs up the show.
Andrew Dean charges forward in high speed until the end, slowing up a bit only to connect with his audience...
...making a special connection to talk about those things nearest and dearest in his life:
God, Country, and Family
Then it's right back to full speed ahead, with throttle WIDE OPEN... and DREAMS that have no end.
He cares and it shows, he is real, and he's genuine, that's the mark of a quality entertainer.
Many wonder why he would rather talk about his sister Jenny's battle with cancer, than the numerous awards he's won.
...ask him, and he will say those award are reminiscent of new friends met in many cities across the nation.
As for Jenny, she lost the battle with breast cancer in 2000, but a signifcant role model for her younger brother, Jenny's influence is always present when talking with Andrew, and he has made Breast Cancer Awareness one of his many adopted charitable organizations.
Compliment his Tribute To Veterans songs "In A Mother's Eyes", "Lonely Soldier", or "The Price", and you may be in for a heartfelt discussion on the neccessity to provide our heroes, troops and veterans with quality health care, jobs, and the respect they deserve for standing up to protect our country and freedoms.
Go out to dinner... and you may find the Dean's seated around a family sized table, giving thanks to the Lord.
Yes, they do pray in public places, as well as at home. God is faithful, always providing what is needed, and Andrew and his family worship openly. Annually they all walk CROP WALK for hunger, giving food and donations to needy children in over 80 countries.
You see, when what you see is what you get, you only get the best with Andrew Dean.
He is proven, driven, loyal, trustworthy, energetic, with some of the best Country Music to come out of Nashville.

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